Friday, March 31, 2017

3D Shapes by Olivia Whale

Foldable 3D shape
This week we learnt about 3D shapes. We made a flip chart about different 3D shapes . We made origami pyramids with labels to mark the face,corner and edges. At our tables we made six more flip charts. We made 3D shapes out of straws and play-dough. The shapes we made were: a rectangular prism, a cylinder, a pyramid, a triangular prism and a cone. When all the tables were done we got to go around to all the tables and fill in our flip charts we made before morning tea. On the top flap we wrote the name of the shape, on the middle flap we wrote how many faces, corners and edges on the shape. Underneath we drew the shape. Lastly we practised our new knowledge by completing a 3D shapes worksheet.

How well is your 3D shape knowledge?


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