Thursday, March 9, 2017


Oh! Autumn! Look what you've done! 
You're making the wind blow and hum! 
NOW you're making the breeze blow the leaves. 
You're making me chorus. 
How bad of you. 
You slam the door and trap my fingers. 

Oh Autumn! You sill old thing. 
You're making the window do opera sing. 
Oh! Autumn, now what! 
You're making it harder for the flies to be swat. 
AND NOW! You have lost my mum's best ring!
Making the violet petals blow right off! 
Now you're making my sister sneeze and cough! 
Oh! Autumn! You just don't get it, you don't think you're bad, but you will....regret it! 
Oh Autumn! You fool, you made the life guard shut Eastbourne pool. 

Oh thank goodness, Autumn see you later. 
Whew that's over! 
Oh no! 
Here comes winter!
What a bummer!
I can wait till next summer. 

By Sadie Devenport 

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