Thursday, March 2, 2017

Robyn's Report Writing


Written by Robyn

As I walk through the entrance way my feet touch the cold carpet. I see people chatting and laughing. I felt excited for what will come next. Miss Kelly is a teacher in room 5. She is 26 years old and has worked at South Makirikiri for one and a bit years.  

Miss Kelly wanted to be a nurse so she did St John’s but she stopped because she saw what happened to her brother Adam (he got burnt outside). She also wanted to be a beautician so she started thinking about that but she changed her and didn’t become that either.

At University, Miss Kelly found her first two years really hard but her other two years were easier. She went to Massey University for two years (also known as Teacher's College) but that closed down so she went to another University called Manawatu University. Miss Kelly got a Diploma in Education. she also Bachelor Certificate in Primary Teaching.

So far Miss Kelly has taught at two primary schools. One of them is called Churton School in Wanganui. She has taught there for two years. Her other school is the amaz-balls South Makirikiri. Miss Kelly got inspired to teach by one of her own teacher she had as a year 8. She is called Miss Munn. Miss Kelly says she makes boring school work into fantastic fun school work. She also says that she loves her as a teacher.

Over the last four weeks I have learnt heaps about Miss Kelly. She is really fun, inspiring teacher, a dog lover, a coffee addict, a hockey player, a cricket enthusiastic, a kit Kat chunky eater, a Kmart freak an older sister and she loves rose gold. I’m looking forward to learning more about her over the years.

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