Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sadie's Report Writing

Miss Kelly

Written by Sadie

As you step up four steps and open a door you will get a big shock! You can see kids aiming high and trying their best. You know that you are safe in here. You can hear kids laughing and a cool teacher teaching kids.

Before she was a teacher:she did a lot of things for her jobs a potato farmer,a nurse and a lot more than that!She started to train for ST John's but then something happened to her brother Adam he burned himself in the fire and all his hand was burned!

The first 2 years at university were REALLY hard! So hard that it almost made her made her quit. She went to 2 University schools her favourite was Manawatu. The first year cost her $1000.00.And for her graduation it cost 300.00.

So far Miss Kelly has worked at two schools South Makirikiri and Churton School. She was inspired by Miss Munn her year 8 teacher. Miss Kelly found school so hard. So she became a teacher to help kids who also found school hard. At South Makirikiri she has worked for 1 and a bit years.

Over the last 4 weeks I had learned heaps about Miss Kelly. She is really fun, she is inspiring, a dog lover, a coffee addict, a cricket player, a Kit Kat Chunky eater, a Kmart freak, an older sisters and loves Rose gold. I'm looking forward to learning more about her over the year.


  1. Fantastic writing Sadie! Love the introduction👌

  2. Way to go Sadie! I really enjoyed reading about Miss Kelly and I can completely understand why she is a Kmart freak. 👍🏽